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Moving Forward!

Glenn Fleishman


Back earlier this year, I was all ambitious like about getting started, and then a series of terrible, no-good, awful, crummy things happened to my main computer, a second computer, and several hard drives. It was a mess that I won't bore you with. This set back everything I work on by months.

The Magazine: The Complete Archives is finally out, however! (You can purchase a copy at this destination.)

And with that done, I'll have the time to start working in earnest on Old & New, which will start with me writing up the editorial philosophy so I can start soliciting pitches from authors. A few dozen people have been itching for me to take their pitches and assign work. I have a nice sum raised from the Kickstarter for the Archives that wasn't spent, so that will go towards writers' fees in this phase.

Watch this space!