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We're Part of a Kickstarter

Glenn Fleishman

I tipped my hand about this new publication in a Kickstarter that launched today. As you may know, I was the second and ultimate owner of The Magazine, and its editor since nearly the start. I and colleagues I'm collaborating with learned a lot from what made The Magazine work and what didn't. Old & New will build on those lessons.

The Kickstarter is to fund an ebook version of the entire archive of commissioned work from The Magazine: nearly 300 articles and over 500,000 words! I set a modest goal, and any funds above the production costs will be folded into helping to start up Old & New, by letting me start to commission new articles, and build out the pieces to turn it into a regularly published periodical in electronic and print form.

Back the Kickstarter and help make the archive book — and help get this publication underway, too!