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Reached the Kickstarter Goal—Now Stretching to Issue #0

Glenn Fleishman

The Kickstarter campaign for The Magazine: The Complete Archives, intended in part to fund the early phases of Old & New, reached its goal a few days ago! I started that campaign to create a permanent, offline digital version of The Magazine's complete run, but hoped to raise more than the total that could be required to assemble a mighty ebook of nearly 300 articles.

Now I've set a stretch goal. If we can hit $15,000, then I'll produce a special Issue #0, distributed in electronic form to campaign backers (and available as a print-on-demand magazine at our exact cost and no more). Issue #0 will have articles on the Old & New front that first ran in The Magazine, plus new stories exclusively commissioned for it. (Reprint fees will be paid to writers whose work is reprinted, too.)

The $5,000 extra lets me really get a running start, and everyone gets something special, too. It lets me experiment and pay writers, as I move towards planning regular article assignments and issues, and provides the budget for several weeks of short assignments in addition to Issue #0's costs. The idea with Old & New is to focus tightly on vintage technology and people who love it—and to start slow and build depending on the interests of you, dear reader.

As part of the stretch goal, I added a $500 sponsorship level that will allow a company or person to have a page in the ebook for any reasonable purpose, including promotion. (Please get in touch if you have questions about that.) We also have $250 and $350 angel levels with special rewards, and thanks in the Complete Archives book.

If you'd like to accelerate the pace at which we fire up this new machine from old and new parts, back the campaign today!