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Technics Shows Off Its 50th Anniversary Turntable

Glenn Fleishman

Let's party like it's 1979, as Panasonic shows off a production model at the CES trade show of the SL-1200GAE, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Technics brand under which it's being released. The turntable is thoroughly 2015, with a nice mix of modern aesthetics and materials, but a reverence for what lets a tonearm play a groove at the peak level of perfection. It's due out in Summer 2016.

Pioneer Introduces a New Vinyl Player

Glenn Fleishman

Vinyl never died — it just stopped revolving as fast. There will never be a return to the scale of record sales of years past, but the number has bumped up into the millions in the last few years as people rediscover some of the joys of vinyl. Pioneer is tapping into youth who may have been buying second-hand phonograph players with a new $300 high-end model, the PL-30-K, vastly cheaper when adjusted for inflation than the same quality decades ago — which couldn't exist because of the amount of under-the-hood digital tech that Pioneer is using.

It's also designed for people without a "hi-fi" player. There's no pre-amp required (although one can be used), which was typical for old-school phonographs. Pioneer has equipped this 12-pound modern wonder with a regular set of RCA outputs.