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Moving Forward!

Glenn Fleishman


Back earlier this year, I was all ambitious like about getting started, and then a series of terrible, no-good, awful, crummy things happened to my main computer, a second computer, and several hard drives. It was a mess that I won't bore you with. This set back everything I work on by months.

The Magazine: The Complete Archives is finally out, however! (You can purchase a copy at this destination.)

And with that done, I'll have the time to start working in earnest on Old & New, which will start with me writing up the editorial philosophy so I can start soliciting pitches from authors. A few dozen people have been itching for me to take their pitches and assign work. I have a nice sum raised from the Kickstarter for the Archives that wasn't spent, so that will go towards writers' fees in this phase.

Watch this space!

Funded! And Issue #0 Plans

Glenn Fleishman

The Magazine: The Complete Archives exceeded its Kickstarter goal and just closed its funding. We went over a decent amount, which gives me additional budget to work with in starting to commission articles here at Old & New.

I had extended the hope of creating an Issue #0 that would be free for backers that would include a mix of…old and new articles (some from The Magazine and others newly written). The budget won't extend to that, but I will still make an Issue #0 preview that backers of the campaign will get first, and then will be available in various forms to everyone else.

My plan is to start publishing new work here in April. Stay tuned!

We're Part of a Kickstarter

Glenn Fleishman

I tipped my hand about this new publication in a Kickstarter that launched today. As you may know, I was the second and ultimate owner of The Magazine, and its editor since nearly the start. I and colleagues I'm collaborating with learned a lot from what made The Magazine work and what didn't. Old & New will build on those lessons.

The Kickstarter is to fund an ebook version of the entire archive of commissioned work from The Magazine: nearly 300 articles and over 500,000 words! I set a modest goal, and any funds above the production costs will be folded into helping to start up Old & New, by letting me start to commission new articles, and build out the pieces to turn it into a regularly published periodical in electronic and print form.

Back the Kickstarter and help make the archive book — and help get this publication underway, too!